Monthly Archives: November 2014


Rats have obviously had a very good year, there certainly appears to plenty about. I have to say it is a good few years since I have seen so many.
There are many products that you can buy yourself to treat the problem but are you confident enough to know what you are doing?
ALWAYS read the label would be my advice and if you are still not sure it might be sensible to get someone in.
There are a number of changes likely to occur in the very near future that will restrict who can buy certain products and how much they can buy. It is proposed that “amateur” use rodenticides will only be available of tubs/pots of up to 1.5kg. You may well end up buying a good few of these to rid yourself of the rats.
If you would rather have a professional service, safe in the knowledge that the responsibility of the process will be in the hands of highly trained technicians, perhaps you should consider calling Fieldkraft?


Moles can be a real problem. Although not a public health pest the financial burden they can bring to business should not be under estimated.
Causing uneven ground in fields or on gallops can prove fatal to horses, the same can be said of grass strip runways.
Contamination of silage and hay crops can also prove costly to Farmers whose margins are always being squeezed.
Fieldkraft can offer several cost effective solutions to mole control, per mole, per hour or area covered.