Monthly Archives: November 2017


After what was by all accounts a very slow wasp season we appear to be in full swing with the rodent invaders. Although the relative mild weather saw a slow rise in reported rat problems, the more recent cool weather has seen a noticeable increase. Moles can be a year round problem but having had a relatively dry period they had been forced down or to areas that drain less freely to find their food. Again the recent rains have seen an upturn in local activity. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease has decimated rabbit numbers over the last five years or so, requests for that type of control work have almost been non existent until this year. Numbers do seem to be increasing albeit slowly and I do wonder if we are witnessing some kind of natural resistance starting to appear and spread? As with all viruses I am sure there are many different strains that continue to evolve and develop and as a result there will be localised peaks and troughs in rabbit populations. Meanwhile can anyone ever remember seeing so many Grey Squirrels? I am currently awaiting a further development of a particular trap which I believe could provide some much needed assistance in the control of this particular pest.