Monthly Archives: August 2018

I have caught many things around, on or in a chicken coup but this little cormorant has to be the most unusual. Not sure why it choose to roost there and certainly the chickens did not seem bothered by it. Now I know in many situations these little “Scallies” are considered a pest (and rightly so around managed fisheries) but with no lawful reason or licence to take this bird it was very fortunate to be returned. I do not think it could believe it’s luck, particularly after taking a liking to my finger!

Wasps and Rodents, still busy.

This busy summer just keeps going, wasps, rats, fleas, ants and the occasional mole job make it the busiest I have known in well over ten years. Literally coming in having something to eat, a cup of tea and out again. If you are experiencing any of the pests species mentioned or indeed any others and live in the Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Rutland or East Northants areas, give Fieldkraft a call. A local pest control company for all your pest problems.

Wasps & Rats

The busiest wasp season for a good few years just keeps going and the long range weather forecast indicates that it is likely to continue for a good while yet. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that many nests are going through their life cycle several weeks earlier than normal but there is certainly no shortage. What has come to light over the last week or two is the sudden upturn in rat jobs in residential areas. My best guess on this unseasonally high number of reports, is that with the on-going high temperatures and lack of rain that there is a shortage of natural food out there already and that the rats are having to move toward human habitation earlier than usual. If this continues I am expecting a record number of calls for rats during the second half of the year.