Monthly Archives: October 2018


Autumn seems to have arrived all of a sudden. The leaves are an array of colours or already falling. Having reached an age of over half a century I had never before witnessed such a congregation of Swallows and House Martins as I did this year, before they migrated for the winter. The hedgerows are full of berries and we have already had several ground frosts, this mornings being quite sharp in sheltered areas. All this seems to have bought the usual suspects to the fore, rats, mice and moles seem to preparing themselves for the challenge of winter and their behaviour and activity seems particularly busy. Read in to that what you will. I have been trapping rodents in some number for several weeks. Trapping is always a combination of skill and luck and can be more time consuming than using poison bait. As such we (those in the pest control business,) are being encouraged to use more non toxic alternatives where possible. Without giving free advertising on this medium, I have to say that one manufacturer has excelled themselves by producing a “non-toxic monitoring bait” which is that palatable it’s results are brilliant when used on traps for rats and mice. If you find yourself with problems involving rodents or moles Fieldkraft offers solutions to suit all, give us a call.