Wasps and Ants

I thought with the current weather forecast, It was worth making customers aware that there is a potential for increased insect activity over the next ten days or so. Coming out of a long dry spell into a damp spell with increasing temperatures will see a rise in humidity. Warm humid weather is ideal for insects and thundery type conditions can act as a trigger for some behaviours. Reports of Bee swarms and Ant problems have been relatively quite so far but I expect that to change over the coming days. Honey Bees can often be removed safely and relocated, if dealt with promptly but in certain situations, if left to become established are far more difficult to deal with. Control problematic Ants now and significantly reduce the chance of flying ants later in the season. From Kingscliffe to Kings Dyke, Rutland to Raunds. Fieldkraft Pest Control and Wildlife Management, a local company for the local communities.

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